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Ten Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Ten Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers - Business Success Solutions

When it comes to Twitter, subscribers or “followers” are your key to building popularity. And popularity is a fundamental and very important concept to grab hold of. The idea is that by following someone, they’ll agree to follow you back. Below are tips Increase Your Twitter Followers.


The following are other ideas which can help increase your twitter followers:


1) Connect your blog or social network site to your profile.

By adding a link to each of your social media profiles to your Twitter profile, and vice versa, you are making sure everyone you know is able to reach you in all the places they have accounts as well.

2) Ask others to recommend your profile.

A blog reader could recommend your social networking page, or other members of your social network could recommend your blog. Word of mouth can go a long way, especially in the world of social networking. Although you may not get every person who hears of you on your Twitter page, you can easily raise the number with a few referrals from friends.


3) Purchase banner ads which in turn can be linked to your profile.

This way, when your website banner ads are clicked on, the link is automatically established to your Twitter page. This will prevent anyone having to search far and wide in order to find you.


4) Use usernames and avatars which match either your business or other social networking sites.

When you sign up for your Twitter account, use the same name you have on other social network sites. If this name isn’t available, try to use something as similar as possible. You can use the same avatar as well. Anyone who is familiar with you from another site will notice when you send out a tweet.


5) Avoid spamming your Twitter.

If you constantly drop in silly and unproductive comments several times a day, people won’t take you seriously for long. Make sure you are adding something of value when you post. While it’s fine to post your own URL, joining into conversations will show people you are approachable.


6) Ask Questions on Twitter

Asking questions will show people you are not only looking for input, but you don’t consider yourself a guru either. Who knows – this may result in not only receiving an answer to your question, but with reciprocal following as well.

7) Be careful when posting URLs in Twitter.

If the link is too long, it will be shortened with tinyurl. If this happens, it becomes impossible to see the source link to figure out what the page is before clicking through. Before you post any links, it’s recommended you write a short description or the title of the page.


8) Follow people from within your personal niche.

Not only will you be able to understand what they are talking about, but you may be able to bounce some ideas off them when you get stuck. Having similar concerns and experiences means they are more likely to follow you as well.


9) The difference between bios and backgrounds is easy.

Bios on Twitter are short and to the point, unlike an About Me page found on most blogs. People will get to know you from how and what you tweet, not from a novel written in your bio section.


10) If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

The most experienced in the internet world make mistakes sometimes. It’s part of life. If you find you have made a mistake in one of your tweets, fix it. If you find you have chosen the wrong person to follow, stop following them.


Take the time to work out the kinks on your Twitter page, and you will see how quickly everything else will fall into place.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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How to Use Twitter as a Traffic-Generating Tool

How to Use Twitter as a Traffic-Generating Tool

Twitter - a Great Traffic Generator

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular and quick tools available to help focus on strategy and promotion online. With a maximum number of 140 words, you don’t need to spend a lot of time writing updates about your business in a lengthy blog post. By taking the time to learn this easy concept, you are well on your way to having a loyal group of followers who are anxious to know what’s next in line for your business.


You can use Twitter to draw people to your blog. Tweeting is what Twitter posts are referred as, and you could easily set yours to inform viewers of new content on your blog. One way this can be accomplished is a simple message such as “Come see what’s new! www. Your blog address .com”


By planning your tweets ahead of time, as a series of short and well-phrased mini-blog posts, they can assist you in keeping your followers loyal to you.
Here are some other ideas you might try:


Keep your tweets coming on a consistent basis.

Each of your tweets is like a beacon or headline to new information. Your audience will be happy to know they aren’t missing anything, and will gladly click through to your blog to keep up with your news.


Tweet only a major point from your blog, such as the title.

This will oblige people interested in finding out more to head to your website. This is precisely where you want them to go.


Consider all areas of your business when thinking about your tweet.

Such comments as how things work, why you do them and when you offer certain things are just the type of information your followers are looking to hear about.


Ask Followers for Input.

Instead of posting statements, you could try asking your followers for their input on what they would like to see on your blog or website. By getting their input it will be easier for you keep your audience happy when you are able to cover the topics they have been waiting for.


Tweet at least once daily.

Your followers need to hear from you on a consistent basis to know you’re still active and concerned. Tweet at least once daily to keep the connection.


Once you get Twitter working for you and your business, you can easily see what comments are being made about the comings and goings from people visiting your website. It can help you make changes when necessary, as well as covering customer service if need be. By having your staff on Twitter as well, if a pressing issue arises they can be on top of it right away too.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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