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The Number ONE Reason for Failure (video)

The Number 1 Reason for Failure (Video)

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The Number 1 Reason for Failure

We all know people who keep trying new businesses or projects and continue to fail and start something new. Or worse, just stop trying. Maybe we’ve done some of this ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why the successful succeed and why others don’t? Why do some grow to become millionaires, yet others struggle to pay their bills or go bankrupt?
Is it because those who succeed are somehow better than those who don’t succeed?  Do they have a genetic advantage? Or are they more gifted?

No! Those who succeed are not somehow better than those who don’t. They are not more gifted than you and I. There may be cases where some have talents or training or have been blessed with a great inheritance to assist in their success; but in general, most who succeed in business or in life are not better than those who don’t succeed in business, or life or other endeavors.

So what’s the missing ingredient? Why do some succeed? Why to others fail? How can you learn from them to help yourself succeed in life, in business, in all your pursuits?

Some time ago I heard a message by the success coach Dani Johnson. In it she hit on the number one reason for failure. It rang true then and still does today.

The Number ONE Reason for Failure is…   EXCUSES!
Excuses: The #1 reason for failure in whatever one attempts to do is Excuses!

Think about it. For example:
Two people have a goal of becoming an Olympic Athlete. One works out every day and sacrifices the other things he might would rather be doing; he exercises, he disciplines himself in his diet, he sticks to the regimen needed to achieve greatness in his sport. He goes on to become an Olympic Athlete. He reaches his goal of success in this area.

The other person, starts out exercising and sacrificing with enthusiasm. He has his dream in front of him. But somehow he gets distracted and drifts from his diligence. Eventually he looses sight of his dream and gives it up all together. Or he goes on through the rest of his life with an inner wish that he had followed through with his passion. He never reaches his goal of being what he had set out to become.

What’s the difference? The difference is EXCUSES!

One made excuses! He got his eyes off what he knew to do if he were to succeed; and he did other things. He made excuses why it was OK. It’s raining so I can’t run today. It’s cold outside so I’ll skip my exercises. I have to be at my friends party, so I’ll skip my regimen today. One day leads into another and the dream is gone.

The one that succeeded in his goal kept his dream and vision in front of him. He did what he knew needed to be done THAT DAY to reach his distant goal. Each day he did what he needed to do That Day. He REFUSED TO MAKE EXCUSES That Day!

Isn’t it the same in business. We have to set our GOALS. We have to keep our mind focused on the VISION. We have to DO TODAY what needs done today. WE HAVE TO REFUSE TO MAKE EXCUSES!!!

Isn’t that really what success in any area of our life is all about? We have to do what needs done Today, Today. We just have to get rid of the excuses.

The #1 reason for failure is EXCUSES!. Let’s Focus on our Goals and our Vision of Success. Let’s Do Today what needs done today. Let’s Refuse to Make Excuses!

Jerry D Ross
Wishing You Great Success!

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Jerry D Ross
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7 Skills of a Good Social Media Leader

7 Skills of a Good Social Media Leader

1. A Leader is Humble

A Leader in any area of life must have confidence and courage. But a good leader must also have humility. A good social media leader is humble. As is said so often, social media is about building relationships and having others confident that you will provide what they need.

Being strong willed and hard working is necessary, but people don’t generally want to build a relationships with an arrogant person. They generally appreciate, and want to build a relationship with, someone who is humble.Reading_know_zig

It’s all about building relationships. A good social media leader is humble.

2. A Leader Devours information

We are bombarded with information constantly; especially in the Social Media world. A good social media leader devours information. Social media trends and techniques are constantly evolving and changing. To stay up with the newest and best techniques, a social media leader must be constantly reading and keeping current.

A Leader is a Reader. A leader reads books and material on success and development. Zig Ziglar, and other success coaches regularly promote reading.

“If you love to read, you can learn anything you really want to know.” ~ Zig Ziglar.

So be a reader and a leader. A leader devours information.

3. A Leader is a Producer – Creates Compelling Content

A leader is followed because they provide helpful information to others. A good social media leader needs to create compelling, useful content that others want to read and come back for more. A leader is a producer; producing and creating compelling content regularly. The more content you have available the more people will come back to your material. The more content you have which is regularly updated will also bring you more Internet traffic and followers because it improves the SEO of your material. A leader is regularly producing new content.

A good social media leader is a Producer – Creating Compelling Content.

4. A Leader is a Distributor of Knowledge

Close related to the previous point; a good social media leader is a distributor of knowledge. By regularly producing useful content a leader is providing and distributing knowledge for others to use and come back to. A leader is a distributor of knowledge in their chosen specialty and other helpful areas. People are hungry for good useful knowledge and by providing it you become a leader for others.

A Good Social Media Leader is a Distributor of Knowledge.

5. A Leader is a Problem Solver

It’s been said by many that Marketing, whether Network Marketing, MLM, or what ever, is simply the process of providing solutions to other people’s problems. A Leader is a Problem Solver.

For example, you don’t buy a drill because you like the looks of the machine and just want to spend money on it. You buy a drill because you need to make a hole. The problem is that you need to make a hole. The Drill is the solution.

As a good social media leader you are a problem solver. A leader provides solutions to people’s problems. A Leader produces content and distributes knowledge so others can become better at marketing. A leader provides products that help others solve their problems. People are looking for knowledge on Internet marketing and looking for businesses to solve their financial problems.

A good leader provides both. A good social media leader is a problem solver.

6. A Leader has Vision

Vision: without it success is virtually impossible. A Leader needs to have a strong vision of what they are reaching for. A Leader needs clear goals and a clear vision of where they’re headed, coupled with a determination to get there. Much has been written on vision and goal setting and a leader must be putting into practice the understanding of using vision and goals.

A leader has a clear vision and keeps focused on that vision with passion. A leader works constantly to achieve that vision and if he/she gets off course they do what it takes to get back on track towards that vision.

A good social media leader has Vision!

7. A Leader has Fun!

Running your own business can be a lot of work; but it doesn’t have to be drudgery. A Leader has Fun doing the business. A good social media leader works hard to achieve success, but has fun in the work. Make your work fun. Enjoy the successes and have fun when overcoming hurdles.

Have fun so others will want to work along with you. A good social media leader has fun. Have Fun!

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross