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Is Your Marketing Working?

Is Your Marketing Working? - Business Success Solutions

If your marketing campaign just isn’t working, or you’re just getting started, take a long look at what you’re trying to do. Is it exciting? Is it eye catching? Is it unique? If not, you’re campaign is likely too bland to get anywhere.


It used to be that simply advertising your business could get you more than enough customers, but this is normally no longer the case. Look around you. There are advertisements EVERYWHERE.


There are commercials, print ads, billboards; your mind is overrun with images every day. And if you run the same old marketing campaign, you’re just going to blend in with everyone else. If you want to get business, you need to get noticed, which means you need to stand out from the crowd. And just being good at what you do is probably not enough to get that done.


The trick to getting noticed is being creative. It may be how you advertise, what your ads look like, or the deal or gimmick you’re offering. Whatever it is, something has to stand out if you want to get noticed. Coming up with a great idea doesn’t always happen in an instant. It takes thinking, research, and lots of brainstorming. Whether it’s taking a few days to work on it, or simply setting aside some time at the end of every day, you have to put some oomph behind it if you want to get results.


Believe it or not, while it may take some creativity and crazy thinking, you may find that the crazy thinking has already been done for you.


An example? Instead of sending out a boring old mailer, there are companies that make unique mailers like messages in a bottle and coconuts. Sure, other people have access to buy this stuff and use it too, but if you’re doing a mailing campaign, what are the changes you’re competing in the same market with someone who uses the same product? Slim to none.


Plus, if you get two coconuts in the mail, are you really going to read what’s inside one and ignore the other?


When it comes to marketing, flashy isn’t always better. Sure, you don’t want to be boring and blend in, but the key to standing out isn’t different fonts, bright colors, or making claims you can’t back up or keep.


The real key is being unique and different. Often a simple eye-drawing headline is enough to get people to notice your ad, catching their attention without blinding the customer. People want to do business with someone they can trust, not just someone who can yell the loudest.


While it may take effort and some amount of investment, if you come up with a good marketing campaign, the end results will likely be more than worth the effort.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time Online

Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time Online Business Success Solutions

Whether you’re starting your own business, working at an established company, or just trying to get things done around the house, there’s a good chance there’s one thing intent on keeping you from getting things done: the Internet. It’s especially difficult if your work requires you to be at the computer, hovering over your temptation. They key to getting things done is to not stop fighting. Here are some tips for keeping yourself on track.


Schedule breaks.

While distracting yourself all the time is obviously bad, you can’t concentrate all the time. Taking scheduled breaks will let your mind reset and leave you refreshed to be more productive during your working time.


The key is getting back to work once the break is done. Set specific time limits on your breaks and be strict about keeping yourself to them. Try to limit your break time activities to ones you know you can stop doing once your time is up. If you’re addicted to a computer game, that’s probably not the best thing to do during your down time.


Get a buddy to back you up.

If you have trouble with self-discipline, why not borrow someone else’s. If you’ve set time limits on how long you can take a break, have them check on you to make sure you’re gotten back to work. They can also check up on you at unscheduled times so you never know when they might be coming.


It’s important too make sure your buddy is someone dependable and that you value their opinions and advice. Otherwise their help might not be as helpful as you’d like.


Is there a particular website that causes you problems?

You can go into your Internet permissions and block this website so you cannot get to it. Sometimes, going through the extra step of unblocking the website to use it is enough extra effort for you to regain willpower and keep yourself from giving in. If not, get someone else to block the website and not give you the password. Be sure to set up an agreement for using the website before setting up the password. For example, you can only use the website after a specific project is done or goal is met.


Work offline.

Even online and computer-based businesses have work that can be done offline. If you find you keep switching to distracting websites, leave the computer and work on something else for a while. If you need to get work done on your computer, do it at times when you are more able to concentrate and not stray around online.


If you need to do work on the computer, but don’t need the Internet, try unplugging your connection. If you have a laptop, you can go somewhere without Internet so you wont be tempted to reconnect.


While the Internet can be a big distraction, with a little effort you can turn it back into being just a great work tool.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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