Are you patient enough for Social Media?

Are you patient enough for Social Media?


Patience is an important aspect of any successful endeavor. Almost no business becomes a success over night. Almost nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight. You need patience to achieve Success.


As noted author and success coach Napoleon Hill put it: ”Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”


This is true in any business pursuit including Social Media. Social media involves growing a group of followers, whether as an email list or Twitter followers, etc. Building a quality list of followers takes time and patience.


Social media involves engaging with and developing relationships with your followers. All this takes time and cannot be expected to be achieved overnight.


I don’t want to discourage your interest in Social Media Marketing, though! Social Media is growing in influence and importance. That trend doesn’t seem to be changing. Social Media is one of the best methods of marketing, whether using blogs, tweets, videos, etc. There are many choices to choose from depending on your interest and ability. You can start with one and expand into others as you grow your business.


Please don’t disregard social media as a viable business model, but don’t be fooled either, that it will bring you success overnight. You need to be in it for the long haul.


Compounding affect.


On the encouraging side of social media marketing, think about the compounding affect. Everything you do on social media compounds in as you build your business.


For example: if you have 250 followers on FaceBook or Twitter and you share great content; then when one of your followers re-shares that content to their followers it compounds. If they have 250 followers and one or more of their followers also re-shares it, the exposure continues to spread out.

So the more content you produce and share as you grow your following, the more potential for it to spread out to others. The key is to keep producing and sharing great content which is worthy of others sharing to their followers. In time you’ll see the compounding affect.


Also as you build up your great content your ranking in searching engines will grow, especially if you work to make use SEO techniques. As your SEO improves, more people will find your material (blog, etc) through organic searches.


But again, this all takes time. Patience is needed to continue the long haul. The patience will be rewarded if you persist to the end.


Don’t underestimate the power of social media in marketing, but remember that patience needs to be a vital part of your marketing plan.


Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross

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