7 Traits of a Good Social Media Writer

7 Traits of a Good Social Media Writer

I recently posted an article on 10 Critical Traits of a Social Media Marketer. I now would like to start a series of posts covering each of those 10 traits in more detail. In this post I’d like to cover 7 Traits of a Good Social Media Writer.

Writing is such a critical skill in Social Media Marketing. We write blogs, articles, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, etc. So much of Social Media is the written word so we need to grasp and utilize the skills of a good writer.

But don’t let that statement scare you if think that you don’t have the skills needed just now. Any of these skills can be learned and you probably have more of them than you think you do. And if may be that your particular style of writing may be just what some people would want to read. Have confidence in yourself and keep moving forward. So, let’s get to the 7 Traits of a Good Social Media Writer.

Be a Reader

1. Be a Reader.

This may seem at first that it’s not related, but it is very related. Your mind works with what you put in it, so if you never put other writings in it, it has little to draw upon when you try to write.

By continually reading other good material on a variety of topics, your mind is constantly coming up with ideas of things to write about. For instance, if you read a lot about SEO (search engine optimization), then when you sit down to write that blog about SEO, some of the ideas and concepts will come to you based on what you’ve been reading.


2. Be Enthusiastic.

People love people with enthusiasm and a positive approach to life. Let that show in your writings. Write with an upbeat, positive and encouraging message.

Also, look at writing and any part of social media in a positive light. Get excited about having your own material out on the internet whether as writings, video, recordings, etc. Be excited about being a Writer, a Public Speaker, etc. You have something important to share, so be excited to share it.


3. Be Personal … But Professional

Social Media is about being social. People want to get to know about you to some extent, so let your personality show in your writings. Write in such a way that people feel that they know you and can trust you. At the same time remain professional.


4. Don’t Fear.

It’s so easy to be afraid of whether people will like you or like your material. Don’t let that bother you. Yes there may be some who don’t like your writing, but there could also be many who do like it. Write for the audience you want to attract and don’t worry if some may not like all you do.


5. Connect With People

Social Media is about engagement and interaction with other people. Work to build relationships with others. Use the tools of Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, etc as means of connecting and building engagement with others, not just a sterile place to post about yourself. Answer peoples posts and respond to people. Build relationships where you can.


6. Build a Team

Connect with other writers and build a network of like minded people who can co-contribute to help each other grow better and achieve more. Be a contributor to others and you’ll receive back in like manner.


7. Write Every Day

Make it a habit to write every day, even if it’s something small. The more you make it a habit to do something, the easier it is to continue doing it. The more you write, the easier it is to write. You build momentum and make it a habit. You also become better and better at it.

You also get more of your material on the web which increases your SEO and your influence as an Internet marketer. Not bad side benefits, right?

Hope this post has been helpful for you. Keep coming back for future posts.


Here’s to your Writing Success!

Jerry D Ross

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