7 Tips to Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

7 Tips to Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

The purpose of having a blog for most of us is to create more traffic; to have more people come to our site. Ultimately its to develop more contacts and leads who may in time buy our products. Whether we have a business purpose for our blog or not, generally we want more traffic; more people seeing our site.

How do we do that? How do we insure more people come to our site and read our material? Below are 7 proven tips to getting more traffic to your blog. Sure there are others, but following these 7 tips to increasing traffic to your blog should help bring good results for you.


1. Provide useful information!

People today are hungry for information to help solve their issues. Your job is to provide solutions to the problems your readers are having. Are they needing advice on starting a business? Finding the right tool for their business? If your blog is about their area of need, then your job is to provide information they could use. Provide information that is useful and informative; well written and interesting. Information people can read and put into use. Information that will encourage them to continue on towards their goal. Provide useful and helpful information!

2. Update Your Blog Regularly.

To keep people coming back to your blog on a regular basis you need to provide new information on a regular basis. Develop a schedule of blogging regularly. Provide new and fresh content. Not only does it encourage people to come back regularly, it also helps in the search engines to improve your SEO rankings.

3. Use Multimedia to Your Blog.

How many times have we heard “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well in blogging pictures do make a huge difference. Videos do as well. Use pictures and videos in you blog. If you are doing Youtube videos, link them into your blog as well. Use at least one picture in every blog post. People’s attentions are captured more readily by well chosen pictures and it makes them more likely to connect to and appreciate the post. Use Multimedia in Your Blog.

4. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Be conscious of SEO as you write your blog and using keywords for your blog. Use key words that are relevant. You can use Google’s Keyword tool to help you find keywords if you want. Just writing a lot of content will help SEO, but using keywords will make it even more effective. Add links to other sites and to other posts in your site. Using linking strategies will help your SEO. Use SEO.

5. Keep the Look Attractive, but Not Distractive.

Your purpose is to get people to come to your site for the content; the information; then to click on an offer or submit their contact information. If your site is too flashy or colorful that the design elements distract the viewer from the direction you want them to go, then you’ve defeated you purpose. You want them to come to your site and be naturally directed to some call to action. If they are distracted by being in Awe of the site, or distracted by too many calls to action, then they will leave your site without taking action. Keep it simple enough to direct people to take the action you want. Keep the Look Attractive, but Not Distractive.

6. Comment on Other Blogs.

This may seem strange at first, but it makes since. By commenting on other blogs you can often leave your link back to your blog which gives you exposure to people reading the other blogs. The more you comment on other blogs, the more opportunities you leave for others to find you when they are reading other material on the web. Try to comment on well read or popular sites. This will also let you become more known by other leaders in your area of interest and may lead to future opportunities to partner with some of them. Comment on other blogs.

7. Share Your Blog Posts on Other Social Media Sites.

Share you blog posts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. The more you share your posts, the more exposure you have and the more others will come read your material. You can use your Blog as the central Hub for your Social Media Marketing Program and link back to it as you main source of generating leads and growing your business.

I hope these 7 tips to increasing traffic to your blog will be of good use for you as your grow your business on line.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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