7 Steps To Goal Setting

7 Steps to Goal Setting

Many of us start out the year resolved to achieve goals and dreams we set for ourselves. But many people wind up not making it very far towards achieving those goals. We fizzle out rather soon after starting our goals.

Below are seven simple steps to goal setting and achieving your goals. The are taken from an audio set by Brian Tracy called: Thinking Big: The Keys to Personal Power and Maximum Performance.

7 Steps to Goal Setting


1. Decide What You Want

Must have a Clear, Specific, Measurable Goals. If it’s not Clear, Specific and Measurable, then it’s more of a wish or a dream and you will probably never achieve it. Decide exactly what you want. Your goals must be written down and you must review them often to keep you focused on achieving them.

When deciding if you should do an item, Ask yourself: Does it move me toward one of my set goals.? If it moves you closer to your goals, it’s a good use of your time.


2. Write Out Your Goals.

By writing down your goals you make them more a part of you. The act of writing something down sets it deeper in your thought and makes it more real and achievable to you.

You must right out your goals, and then review them often. If you don’t write your goals down, chances are great that you will never reach them.

Write your goals down!

3. Determine what you’ll have to pay to achieve your goal.

Will you need to work longer days? Get more education? Change careers?

Decide what you will need to do or change in your life in order to achieve your goal. List out what you need to do in order to reach your goals. Write down what you need to pay to reach your goal. Whether you achieve your goal is based on your willingness to do those things you list our that must be done to reach your goal.


4. Make a Written Plan.

List out all the things you’ll have to do to achieve your goals. Organize the list of what’s most important. List what has to be done first in order to do the next item.

A written plan gives you a track to run on; a path to your success.


5. Take Action Towards Your Goal.

Take action today towards one of your goals, even if a small action. By taking action you show you are serious about achieving your goals. Each action you take gives you power to make other actions.


6. Do something every day that moves you closer to your goal.

Do something from your plan every day! Each day of action will bring you closer to your goals and help propel you to more achievement the following days.


7. Decide that you will not Quit!

No matter the obstacles you face, you must decide that you will not quit. By keeping on keeping on. You can succeed. You must decide now that you will never quit.

Follow these 7 steps to goal setting and you will be assured to be further along in your quest for success in whatever goals you set for yourself.

Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross


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