7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Social Media Business

7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Social Media Business


Are you struggling with getting your Social Media Business off and running? Are you ready to kick start it and make rapid progress?

Growing your Social Media Business doesn’t have to be extremely hard or extremely time consuming. You do have to work, but anything worth building has to take effort. But the rewards are worth the efforts.

Below are 7 ways you can use to help get your business making the progress you’re wanting; 7 ways to help make your business a success and make you into a leader in your business.


7 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Business:


1. Become Active on Google Plus!

Google Plus is becoming more and more an influencer in your rankings in the search engines and thus in you getting found in search results. Become active in Google Plus!

Seek out business leaders in your niche and add them to your circles. Circles in Google Plus are like friends on Facebook or Followers on Twitter.

Get involved on Google Plus. Share good articles and posts; both from others and your own. Share helpful quotes, or material. Comment on other’s posts.

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2. Grow Your Twitter Following.

Twitter is one of the main tools to grow your Social Media Business. Work to grow your following on Twitter. One of the best ways to grow your following is to follow others of like interest. It is a common practice for many to follow you back.

A great tool to use is Tweepi at http://tweepi.com/. With this online tool you can quickly follow the followers of other business leaders and thus have some of them follow you back. You should only expect about half of them to follow back. Don’t worry, those are the more active half anyway.


3. Use Linked in to Connect with Business Leaders.

Don’t forget LinkedIn! It’s easy to think of LinkedIn as just for business professionals who work for day jobs. It’s also a great tool to connect with Business Owners and Business Leaders.

Use LinkedIn to connect with Business Leaders and build relationships that will pay off down the road for you and for them. Be a contributor and share good content.


4. Use Pinterest to Share Images and Graphics.

Create your own images with quotes, etc embedded on them and with links to your site in the notes.

Making your own images are actually pretty easy with many photo editing programs. Just pick a nice picture and crop out a nice part of it where you can type in a quote, etc. You can make several in a row and save them for later uploading.

Sharing good quotes or advise on images is a good way of being found by others looking for inspirational images. Put your link in the description area in a natural way. Also share the images on Facebook or other Social Media sites to build cross linking.


5. Create a Facebook Fan Page.

Create a Facebook Fan Page to share great content. Share images from your other Social Media sites and share other peoples good content. Make sure you actually review other peoples content before sharing. Don’t get caught sharing something you assumed you would support and find it was something quite different.

Share your Facebood Fan Page link in your profiles of your other Social Media sites, such as you Twitter and Google Plus profiles. This way people will follow the link and come “like” your Fan Page.


6. Create and Build your Blog.

Having a Blog is a great tool to grow your Social Media Business. This is where you can put more in-depth information that is valuable for your readers. A blog is a great tool to grow your search results on the Web.

A Blog is actually not hard to create and maintain. And you don’t have to be an expert in everything. Some people shy away from having a blog because they don’t feel they know enough about a subject. Don’t get caught up in this concern. There is so much information on any topic on the web and by researching it you become more and more of an expert. You will have lots of information that is worthy to share with your readers.


7. Cross Link your Content.

By following these tips you will have content on several different sites: Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Now share information among the sites. Tweet your blog posts; Share your Pinterest Pins on Facebook or Google Pluss.

By sharing content among your sites you build a stronger network of links among multiple sites which is good for your search engine results. Also sharing links from other peoples sites helps increase your search engine results. This all grows your relevance or importance in the rankings so you are more likely to be found in searches.


Growing your Social Media Business can seem like a daunting task at first; so much to learn and so much to work on. But don’t let it discourage you. Just work on one item at a time. Add one piece of content each day and your content will grow over time. Or you could create multiple content items in one day and upload them each day after that if that is easier.

As you grow your business you can add other tools, such as Youtube Videos, which are not that hard to create and are a great way to build influence on your niche.

The main thing is to continue working the business. Continue to add useful content and continue to connect with and interact with others.

Each day move a little closer to your goal of Growing your Social Media Business.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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