7 Essential Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

7 Essential Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

A blog can be a powerful tool in building your online business. But for it to be a powerful tool, you need to write powerful blog posts.

7 Essential Elements of a Blog Post

Our goal should be to write a powerful blog post every time. Below are Seven Essential Elements of a Powerful Blog Post that we can follow to assure we have some of the most essential elements needed.


7 Essential Elements of a Powerful Blog Post


1 Eye-Catching Headlines

Your headline is the first thing most readers will notice. It needs to be eye-catching and draw the reader into the article so they will continue reading.

When a visitor comes to your site and finds the headline to be boring and uninteresting, they are more than likely to click right off your page and onto some other site. You just lost a potential follower and customer.

So your headline is critical to whether a visitor even stays on your blog article.

In the same way the Sub-Headlines are critical to whether a visitor continues to read your post once they begin. Many people skim through sites to see if they look interesting or worthy of reading before they read the post. So it’s super critical that your headlines and sub-headlines are eye-catching and enticing so the visitor will continue reading YOUR post, rather than click off your page onto another site.


 2 Key-Word Rich Title

The Title to your post is what will show up in your post URL and it is critical for good search engine optimization. The search engines favor posts which have titles that are key word rich and related to the subject of the post.

For example:

The post might be about How to Bake an Awesome Carrot Cake.

The Title might be: How to Bake an Awesome Carrot Cake Fast and Easy!

Your page URL should be something like www.yoursite.com/how-to-bake-an-awesome-carrot-cake-fast-and-easy!

This will give better search engine relevance to your blog and give better ranking.

So keep your blog titles relevant to your blog subject and keep them Key-Word Rich.


3 Engaging Images

Images are important in you blog posts. Images give the readers an idea about what the post is about. They make a more pleasant reading experience. They can also attract more back links to your blog.

Use images in all your posts and chose images that are relevant to the subject of your article. You can use images that naturally relate to the subject. You can use images with text added to them that relate to the post. You can also us graphics that relate to the post. Anything that relates and adds to the reader’s experience.

Don’t overdo with images, though. And don’t make the image dominate unless it actually makes the post better; such as an info graphic which is the main part of the post.


4 Clean, Easy to Read Design

Use a clean, easy to read design. People surf from site to site and want to see a site that is easy to read and gather the information they’re looking for. If your site is hard to read, the visitor may quickly click off your site and onto another site.

Avoid using colors and designs that are hard to read, such as black back-grounds with white lettering, unless it truly fits into the type of site you have. Most of the time go with readability over flashy, cool design.


5 Have Your Own Voice

Have your own unique voice. Your blog should be YOUR blog; not just a copy of someone else style. Write in your own style and people who like your style will want to read your blog and follow you.

Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on things. Give helpful information in your own style with your own voice.


6 Social Media Friendly

Social media is big in online marketing today and is only going to get more important. So you need to make it easy for your visitors to share your posts on social media, as well as make it easy for them to connect with you on your social media sites.

Put social media buttons on your blog so your visitor can share your content with the click of the mouse. When your blogs are well written, your visitors will share them on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, etc and then others will share them on to more people. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your content shared with the world.

Also put links to your own social media sites so visitors can easily like Facebook page or follow you own Twitter, etc.

Make your blog social media friendly.


7 Have a Call To Action

Readers won’t tend to do anything unless you ask them to, so Have a Call To Action! Make it a nice call to action, but have one.

Ask them to:

Like Us on Facebook!

Download Our Free eBook!

Share this Post!

Sign Up for our Newsletter!

Whatever it is you want them to do, Ask Them! Have a Call To Action!


So, for your blogging success, be sure to include these seven essential elements a powerful blog post.


Here’s to your Blogging Success!


Jerry D Ross


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