5 Tips to Video Marketing (part 1)

5 Tips to Video Marketing

Video is fast becoming a much used aspect of online marketing and it’s said that it may be one of the most important future marketing tools. Youtube is one of the most searched site. If you’re looking to learn more about Video Marketing, then watch this video for 5 Video Marketing Tips. Also watch for a second video continuing on video marketing tips.

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0:39 – Video Marketing Tip #1: Your Videos don’t have to be Perfect.
1:35 – Video Marketing Tip #2: Use Keywords in the Name and Description.
2:25 – Video Marketing Tip #3: Keep Videos Short | 3-5 min.
2:47 – Video Marketing Tip #4: Make videos Mobile friendly.
3:25 – Video Marketing Tip #5: Get your Audio Correct.

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Here’s to your business success.

Jerry D Ross

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