5 Tips to Decision Making

5 Tips to Decision Making

The best method for determining plans and analyzing their effectiveness is to ask questions of yourself and others who will be affected by the decision.

1. How good is the information I have gathered and interpreted?

If your data is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete, your decision will be formulated from a hazy picture. Therefore, your decision is probably off base.


2.What objective do I intend my decision to achieve, and what will happen if the objective is not achieved?

The problem with decisions is that they are made in the present, analyzed by past information, to be acted upon in the future! This process allows room for error. Every decision is not going to achieve the desired result. If your objective is not achieved, you need to know the corrective action you can take to keep on course. Ask yourself if your decision has a backup plan and how an incorrect decision will be detrimental to you.

3. Once the decision has been made, how is it to be executed?

Being decisive is very important, but it must be followed by action. Do you have a clear picture of the action which is required and are you capable of orchestrating or performing the necessary action?

4. What can go wrong during the execution of the decision?

If you’re unable to handle the consequences of your decision, whether they are positive or negative, you’re not making the correct decision. If too many diverse factors go into the execution of your decision, or a great number of people must cooperate, a number of things can go wrong.

5. What further decisions will be necessary as a result of the first?

Know your future direction as you make your decisions so your future efforts won’t be scattered. Have each decision aim you in a general direction in order to achieve the appropriate outcome.

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