5 Keys To Becoming Wealthy

5 Keys To Becoming Wealthy


It has been said that there are more millionaires today than any time in history. There are many multi-millionaires and billionaires today. What is different between you and them? Why are they wealthy and perhaps you are not?

Becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire is not something reserved for the “smart” or those with wealthy parents, etc. Anyone can become wealthy if they truly desire to be wealthy. There are many books and trainings available on the keys to becoming wealthy. The bottom line comes down to a difference in how you think.

This posting is intended to give you a brief overview of 7 keys to becoming wealthy. I wanted to give a short list as a reminder and a reference. Something you can come back to for quick reference to help keep you on track to becoming wealthy yourself. So let’s get right into it.


Decide to Become Wealthy.

We’ve heard the old axiom, “you are what you eat.” That’s so true. It’s also true that “You are what you THINK.” You must decide to become wealthy and change your mental processes to think like the wealthy. You must make a conscious decision to become wealthy, then make and follow concrete goals to becoming wealthy.


Rid yourself of Scarcity Thinking.

You must change your thinking from that of a poor person to that of a rich person. There is more money available in the world today than ever before. In order to earn more of it you must get rid of scarcity thinking and fill your mind with abundance thinking. The resources are available for you to become as wealthy as you desire. You only need to put forth the effort to find and properly utilize them.


Associate with the Wealthy.

To become wealthy, you must associate and learn from the wealthy. This must be a big part of your life. You must learn from them and follow their examples. They have already made many of the mistakes you can avoid if you follow their lessons. Their examples will inspire and motivate you to continue on the path to becoming wealthy. In today’s world you don’t even have to physically spend time with the wealthy, though that is needed as well. But today you can be with the wealthy in one sense by reading their books, listening to their lessons and using their materials.


Have a Bigger Cause.

Wanting to be wealthy needs to be more than wanting money so that you can retire for the rest of you life and do nothing. Becoming wealthy needs to be more about achieving your full potential and contributing to the lives of others. You need to have a bigger cause, a bigger purpose and dream than just to make money. If you don’t then even if you do become wealthy, you may wind up unhappy in the end. Have a Bigger Cause.

As Zig Ziglar put it. “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”


Work Hard, but Work Like the Wealthy.

The wealthy work hard, but they focus their time on doing the things that will make them money. They pay others to do the things they are not skilled at or the things that will free them up to make more money. They focus on how to best use their time and money to become wealthier. They put their personal time and energy into the things they personally need to be doing to become wealthier and let others do the things to support them becoming wealthy.


You can become wealthy in todays world. The resources are here to allow you to succeed in your financial goals. The big key is how you Think and what you do with the knowledge you have. You must have a Vision of where you want to be and how to get there. Then take the steps to continually focus on that vision and move forward to achieve you financial goals.


Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross


Points above gleamed from an article by Grant Cardone. You can read more of his article at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222718

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