21 Reasons You Should be Blogging

21 Reasons to Blog

Why You Should Be Blogging rather that watching TV or otherwise burning up your spare time.


We all have freedom to choose what we do each day in our “spare” time. We can sit and watch TV all evening or drink a few beers with the buddies, or do some other form of wasting our days away. Don’t get me wrong, we all need down time and recreation time. We need to spend time with our families and friends. We need balance in life.

21 Reasons to Blog



But if you’re spending hours and hours watching TV or wasting your time away, why not be blogging? If you’re serious about building a home business for your future time freedom, you need to be using today in a productive manner.





21 reasons you should be blogging instead of wasting your hours away watching TV, etc.


1. You build your reputation as an industry leader and expert in your area. The more material you’ve written, the more your knowledge and expertise will become known.

2. You learn more on your areas of interest as you research material for writing about in your blog. The more you learn through research, the more of a leader you become.

3. You increase your web sites optimization for search engines (SEO). The more posts you have the more information which can potentially be found by search engines.

4. You grow your list of followers as you have more and more material for them to find and want to come back to. More people opt into your lists and link up with you in other social media.

5. You build relationships with your customers.

6. You grow your company brand.

7. You grow your on personal brand. Your blog and you personally become more known.

8. You grow a larger body of material which can be catalyst for other marketing techniques, such as videos, articles etc.

9. Builds your social network.

10. Fosters ideas for future posts and material.

11. Gives you a creative outlet.

12. Solidifies your thoughts and ideas into writing.

13. You help other people by providing needed information.

14. Helps you make a positive impact on the world with your writings and with your business.

15. You build a community and create sharing among others.

16. You grow your business and income.

17. You move closer to your goal of financial and time freedom.

18. You have Fun!

19. You compile material for your future book.

20. You gather feedback from your customers.

21. You give to the world!

So the next time when you’re tempted to just let the day drift away from you, remember that blog you’ve been planning to keep up on. Take time now to build your business so down the road you’ll have the time freedom you want as well as the financial freedom to enjoy it.

Here’s to your blogging success!

Jerry D Ross

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19 Responses to '21 Reasons You Should be Blogging'

  1. Very good article!  When you do enough blogs, they become less of a chore and more fun.  Like everything, practice make the process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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