18 Undeniable Laws of Content Marketing for Internet or Offline Marketing

18 Undeniable Laws of Content Marketing for Internet or Offline Marketing


Content Marketing isn’t new. We hear regularly that “Content is King.” And rightly so; especially in Internet marketing. But just any ol’ content won’t necessarily help you that much in your marketing efforts. Whether marketing offline or online, there are undeniable principles that apply to content marketing in order to be effective.

I’ve put together a list of 18 undeniable laws of content marketing for Internet marketing or Offline marketing. These rules apply to both. Following them will assure you greater achievement of your marketing goals and bring you closer to your success dreams.


18 Undeniable Laws of Content Marketing for Internet or Offline Marketing


1. Good teachers will gain more trust and respect. People are hungry for good information.


2. Your customers have questions: Answer them. Give them what they want and need.


3. People remember stories more than just facts.


4. Be Helpful: not just flaunt your knowledge.


5. Be enthusiastic! It’s always better than being boring!


6. Great Learners never run out of content ideas.


7. Use Call to Actions; People tend to do what you ask them to do.


8. Marketing is really just listening, relating with others and teaching. It’s that simple!


9. You learn how to produce content as you produce it. Just get started and keep it up.


10. Leaders are in demand! Be a Leader and others will follow.


11. Leaders sell more. People respect leaders more, so they buy their recommended products.


12. It’s better to produce average content than not produce content. Don’t’ wait till you get it perfect.


13. Getting better as you go is better than being perfect before you start.


14. Leaders state their opinions even if others don’t agree.


15. Write for the customer.


16. Customers are looking for answers to their problems, not for your products, services, features. Give them the solutions. If the solution is your product, great; if not, great.


17. Helpful information is always better than awesome information.


18. Everyone learns differently. Use different means of teaching. Use Text, Images, Video, Audio… It’s all for the customer, so provide means for each type of customer.


Content if King in Content marketing. So get busy producing content. Remember these 18 undeniable laws of content marketing as you work to achieve marketing success.


Here’s to our Success!

Jerry D Ross



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