15 Important Benefits of Blogging

Some may wonder why a blog is of use to them. Even some online marketers don’t see the need for a blog. Or perhaps they feel it’s too much work for the benefits. Whether you are an online marketer or not, blogging does have some very important benefits.


Below is a list of 15 important benefits of blogging; not in a particular order, and definitely not an all-inclusive list. Please leave comments below and feel free to leave your suggestions for other benefits.


15 Important Benefits of Blogging


#1 Start your New Business.


A blog can be one of the best ways to get your business growing, especially if it’s an online business with products or services that can be marketed globally. More and more people are online and searching for information and products. A blog can be the focal point for your business or a good addition to drive traffic to your business.

Even a local business can benefit from a blog to help attract local customers and keep them engaged with you and your company.


#2 Grow your Current Business


If you have an existing business, starting a blog can help you bring traffic to that business. A blog can be used to drive traffic to an existing business page or to other sales pages.

As mentioned earlier, even a local business can benefit from a blog. Whether your business is online of local you can keep customers updated on events, promotions, etc. Also customers can leave comments on the blog which can be valuable feedback.


#3 Get a Better Job


Many, if not most companies today check prospective employee’s online presence during the hiring process. Having a positive blog, especially one related to the field you are looking to work in may be the deciding factor to you landing the job you’re seeking.

Future bosses can get a good idea of your knowledge and philosophy from a blog. Of course the blog should shed a positive light on you and your abilities.


#4 Grow your Influence


Much of marketing online and even local marketing comes down to your influence on the web. A blog can build your influence and leadership in your field.

Whether you’re working to build a business of running for office a blog can help others trust you and follow your advice and direction. A blog will help grow your influence.


#5 Become Known as an Expert in Your Field


Especially for online marketing, often a large factor is that others perceive you as the expert in a field. Having an active blog is a great way to show your knowledge in you field and show you as the expert that others will want to follow.

And you don’t have to be a total expert on an area to start your blog. Even if you learn along the way and write about topics as you learn them and use them affectively, you are still more knowledgable than many who would be searching for information on a topic.

So a blog can be a great way to become known as an expert in your field.


#6 Improve your SEO (Search Results)


SEO (Search Engine Optimization is a great benefit of having a blog. When someone searches for the topic of your blog the search engines try to find the most relevant web pages for that topic. The more you write blogs on a topic, the more the search engines will see your page as relevant on that topic which increases your chance of being found by those searching for that topic.

Blogs are known to be good for SEO. Keep in mind there are things you can do to increase the SEO as well, so check out other information on this to help even further.

Writing a blog can be a good way to improve your SEO.


#7 Build a Network


Much of building a successful business is to build a network of acquaintances who trust you and work with you. Having a blog allows others to see your work and style and then decide to connect with you. Sometimes business partnerships can be built from connections made from a blog.

Even if you don’t build a business partnership, a blog gives you a platform from which to make connections with others and build a network.


#8 Grow your Leads


LEADS….  Leads is a huge part of growing a business. Leads are those people who have expressed some interest in what you sell or at least what you are about. Having a blog can be a great way to build a list of leads, whether followers through your RSS or through an email list generated from your blog. A blog can be a great part in Growing your Leads.


#9 Control your Online Identity


Your own blog is a good means of controlling your online identity as you write blogs about your interest in your own style. You build a presence with your personality expressed for others to see who you are and how you think.

A blog can be serious, funny, or however you want it to be, but as others see it they see a bit of you expressed there.

#10 Become a Better Writer


There’s a well-known axiom; “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” This applies to writing as much as anything else. The more you use your writing skills, no matter how minimal they are now, the more those skills will grow and become better. Writing a blog regularly helps grow your writing skills. Having a blog helps you become a better writer.


#11 Become a Published Author


As a blogger, you are making your writings public and thus become a published author. You become known as a writer. Also in time you could compile some of your blogs into a book or ebook and have much of the writing already done.


#12 Market your Products


Blogging can be a great way to market your products. By writing blogs on the same topic or a related topic of your products, you show your expertise about those products and also you create content that could lead people to your products through SEO, etc. Your products can be mentioned in the blogs themselves and/or shown as popups, or sidebar items. Use a Blog to Market your Poducts.


#13 Keep up in Your Field


Writing a blog can help you keep up with your field of interest. As you write blogs you will want to do some research on the topic along the way. Also by seeing other writings on the topic you can incorporate that information into your blogs. Researching new techniques and information and writing about it will keep you up in your field and also provide new, useful, up to date information for your readers.


#14 Learn New Skills


Writing a blog can help you learn new skills. As you build your blog you will learn new skills in the areas you write about, but also you will learn new skills in the area of writing and posting itself. You’ll learn about web page production, marketing tools, etc. Of course, if you don’t want to learn the technical things about web page set up etc. you can outsource those things. That’s part of the fun of it, you choose what to learn about as you learn new skills.


#15 Help Other People


Writing a blog can be a big help to other people; and helping others should be a major part of what we are wanting to do. As you write blogs about various subjects, there are many people looking for information and help in those areas. Your blog can be a big help for some of those people looking to learn more about what you write about. While you have fun writing your blog you help other people.


There are, of course other reasons for having a blog, but I hope these I’ve mentioned will help you see some of the benefits of blogging.


Here’s to your blogging success!

Jerry D Ross

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