14 Tips to Reducing Stress in Your Life

Is Your Life ever Stressed?

If it’s like most of us it is at times. Stress is not what happens to us; it’s our reactions to the events in our lives. When we learn to control our reactions, we can control the level of stress we experience.

A certain amount of stress is a necessary ingredient for a fulfilling life. Exciting challenges and opportunities are wrapped up within the pressures you face as a supervisor.

If you want to reduce the destructive stress in your life, take control.

1. Develop realistic expectations of yourself, of others and of life in general.

2. Stay in touch with yourself.

3. Take time to meditate.

4. Cultivate self-discipline and self-control.

5. Follow your own judgment.

6. Cultivate a sense of humor.

7. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

8. Match tasks to energy levels.

9. Don’t be a perfectionist.

10. Recognize and accept when you have no control over a situation.

11. Maintain good physical condition.

12. Celebrate your successes.

13. Learn to relax.

14. Identify and list the main stressors in your life.

Using this list, develop a strategy for eliminating the unnecessary stressors in your life.

From Egos & Eggshells: Managing for Success in Today’s Workplace ©1993 by Margot Robinson. Stanton & Harper Books, P O Box 21585, Greensboro, NC 27420. ISBN# 0-963330151-1-7

The above article is from a newsletter my late wife (Gisel Ross) and I wrote some years back. It was called Cornucopia, Ideas for Better Living. The information is still as valid today as it was then.

Jerry D Ross

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